WINDS: A Legend from the Lower Yukon

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Long ago, when the Earth was young, there were no winds to make waves dance upon the sand.  No fierce storms would tear up the villages.  No summer breezes would flow in through the windows.  There were no winds, no winds at all!
In that time lived a couple, who more than anything else, longed for a child.  A moon spirit driving a mysterious flying dogsled took pity upon the grieving husband and wife.  In a dream the spirit showed the woman a strange tree and told her to make a doll from the trunk of the tree.  The husband and wife followed the spirit’s commands-and were rewarded when the doll turned into a bright-eyed, smiling little boy who  changed the nature of the world forever.
Many cultures from around the world have creation stories to explain natural events.  Winds is one such story, told by the people of the Lower Yukon section of Alaska, to explain how winds came to be, while introducing kids to a little-known tale from one of the most fascinating cultures of the world.