Silver Medal Winner!

Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards

Originally collected and published by Edward William Nelson, a naturalist and ethnologist sent to the new Alaskan Territory by the U.S. government, this beautiful creation story tells the adventures of a doll-child brought to life by the love and longing of his parents and explains how he brings winds to the world.  Nelson indicated the legend came from the “the lower Yukon”-that is, the lower part of the Yukon River, which flows through British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and Alaska, without naming the specific community of people from whom he heard the legend.
“Wonderful introduction to a little known tale.  The illustrations are beautiful and consistent.  Libraries and schools looking to expand their world folk-lore will find this a very good addition.” 

Benjamin Franklin awards judges’ comments.
“This selection is a classic in format where the writing is very well done and the illustrator is engaging the reader with appropriate illustrations.” 

Benjamin Franklin awards judges’ comments. Tie breaker #3.